Suzie and her pink toy

Suzie sits at her vanity mirror and she delicately does her makeup to look pretty for the day. The cute teen is in a tank top and tiny skirt and she has a great handle on how to make herself beautiful. When the camera goes in for a close up you can see just how effective a job she`s doing. The video is about more than just makeup though. It`s about admiring her teenage body and the way she masturbates. She takes her time stripping and at first sits in a cute pink bra and a pair of panties. The nudity that follows is lovely with a perky set of natural tits. The highlight of the solo video is the pink dildo though. She sucks it with her sweet lips and then she spreads her supple thighs and lets it slip into her wet pussy. She keeps her sexy purple high heels on throughout the solo set and blows you a kiss when it`s all over.

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